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Engaging theology and culture from a Reformed Christian perspective.

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Not your Father's Conservatism

Why We Must Move Past Your Father’s Conservatism At this moment in our never-ending election cycle, it is not looking particularly good...

Debunking Transgender Ideology

Philosophers have a noble history of questioning the dogmas that society views as blasphemous to doubt. People are uncomfortable when...

What Truly Lies in the Heart of Man?

Self-introspection is part of the human condition. From the Ancient Greek aphorism to “know thyself,” to the latest self-help book on...

What Happens When We Die?

Are we conscious immediately after death? Or are we asleep until judgement day? A look at some of the relevant New Testament Passages.

No, “Trans Rights” are not Human Rights

One of the newest slogans of the Left reveals just how disconnected many of them are with ideas that preceded the iPhone. “Trans rights...

UFOs, False gods, and Demonic Beings.

Few pastors and Christian writers who desire to be taken seriously want to come near topics such as the UFO phenomenon. The ones that do...

A Scriptural case for the death penalty.

It is not uncommon today for even Politically and Theologically conservative Christians to be against, or at least uneasy with the...

Cancel Culture and Religious Dystopia.

Government censorship has been the boogeyman of dystopian novels like 1984 and Brave New World throughout the 20thcentury. So ingrained...

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